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At Glamour in Bloom, we take pride in providing our clients with a glamorous silk flowers decor, perfect for any type of events. We are the premier destination for anyone looking to rent special pieces, to give their events an unique look. All our decor is for rent, and is suitable for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays and corporate events.

Our Packages

$6000 Average Investment

We believe every event is unique and every client prefers different colors and flowers. That's why we custom make our flower walls for each and every client. Thousands of flowers are applied by hand, to create a whimsical experience, and provide an "awe inspiring" backdrop for every event. They are produced with premium quality faux flowers and foliage, on a free standing, sturdy structure.
You can rent any of the designs below. If you want a different color than the ones we currently stock, we consider it a special order. We need at least 3 months notice, and there will be an extra charge. 

Flower Walls

$4000 Average Investment

When it comes to wedding symbolism, circles are fairly universal. As your wedding ring, they're spatially infinite and represent wholeness and perfection. It is almost impossible for you to find a shape that better encapsulates your union with your spouse to be. For this reason , many modern savvy couples, are incorporating circle details into their ceremony and reception decor.
Ultimately, these pretty hoop bring a wow factor to virtually any part of your wedding - the head table or sweetheart table,outdoor tent and reception lounge included. 

Flower Hoops

$2000 Average Investment

Make your table the center of attention with beautiful real touch silk centerpieces. Exquisitely designed and crafted by hand, they bring a plus of color and elegance to your decor.